Cyber Services

Cyber Services

Bastul Software SolutionsCybersecurity Service & Cyber Security Advisory services help organizations understand and manage their cyber risk; we are a leader in managed cyber security services and IT security services. Bastul Software Solutionsfocuses on all areas of the possible cyber attack surface; our cybersecurity team constantly monitors and protects businesses from cyber threats using advanced tools and threat intelligence IT security solutions.


Bastul Software Solutionsutilizes a proactive multi-layered cyber security protection service approach to transform your business with cyber security threat intelligence and orchestration, automation, cybersecurity consulting, and cloud and managed security services. We can implement a comprehensive approach to cyber security to allow your business to identify, prevent and recover from a cyber security breach. Our defense-in-depth cyber security services cover the following areas: Cyber Security Program Strategy, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Advanced Malware & Ransomware Protection, Perimeter Security, Application Assessment, & Security Monitoring Services. Our IT security risk assessment and cyber security programs let you know where you are and how to protect your organization better. Bastul Software Solutionsteam of cyber risk auditors will; perform a gaps analysis to identify a clear road map to a more robust cyber security program.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services provides Information and Cyber Security Strategy & Design services to give you a better security posture. Our Cybersecurity Services shield your enterprise against threats and strengthen your cyber defenses. You can depend on us to provide comprehensive Information and cyber security services.

  • Information Security Assessments to analyze the maturity of your information security program and identify gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Get our cybersecurity services and identify risks to your business.
  • Virtual CISO, provides you with wide-ranging expertise for incident response, compliance, and the latest threat intelligence to address information security flaws and execute actionable mitigation strategies. Our cybersecurity services will align with your business strategy.
  • Data Governance, helps you handle increasingly large volumes of data and the related. Enhancing your cybersecurity posture and data management.
  • Managed Security Services, Our Managed Security Services, Cyber Security Services, and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provide advanced NexGen managed cyber security services that offer threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, and cybersecurity incident response services.
  • Third-Party Risk Management, Comprehensive cybersecurity services, including managed security services, Vendor/Third-party cyber security assessment services. We let you know how and what your vendors are doing to secure your data from cyber threats. Do they have a cyber security program?
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance, Aligning your GRC activities to business performance drivers, using frameworks such as NIST, PCI/DSS, ISO, GDPR, NYDFS, and others with our IT security service program.
  • Security Awareness Education, Reveal your organization's employees’ strengths and weaknesses and empower them against cybercriminals. Our cybersecurity services ensure your users are ahead of your attackers.
  • Penetration Testing & Phishing, Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. Penetration testing & phishing assessment protect against cybersecurity threats.


Cybersecurity protects internet-connected systems such as hardware, software, and data from cyber threats. Bastul Software SolutionsCybersecurity services protect companies against unauthorized or criminal use of electronics, and cybersecurity services are the overarching processes to achieve this security and protection against common cyber threats. Cyber security services are provided by cyber security service providers who will utilize security frameworks such as NIST, SOC, ISO, HIPAA, PCI DSS, HITRUST, HITECH, COBIT, and others to implement a cyber security risk management program.

Bastul Software Solutionscyber security services reduce risk through consulting, services, and security product expertise. We are a trusted advisor for all your cyber security needs. Let our specialists in cybersecurity services help you create and implement a comprehensive information security solution to prevent cyber attacks.

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