Offshore Services

Offshore Services

Bastul BPO is about delivering long-term benefits & measurable value to our customers through:

Our Software Development Center (SDC), has excellent telephony and data infrastructure to support 24x7 development and maintenance activities globally. Our systems support a variety of middleware platforms, and relational database management systems, network management systems that provide excellent implementation, integration facilities for medium to large scale projects.

Our SDC office is connected via high speed VPN based secure communications link with our US offices.

We have successfully implemented and supported major ERP and Other projects at our offshore SDC facility and continue to develop and support a number of new products at this facility.

Benefits of Bastul's Offshore Model:

  • Significantly lower costs
  • Proven Offshore Methodology
  • Experienced and dedicated SAP personnel for Offshore development and maintenance
  • Experienced and dedicated Bastul Apps personnel for Offshore development and maintenance
  • Core competency in the next generation IVR Platforms
  • Abundant availability of highly educated and skilled labour
  • Reduces Schedule Risk and improves Quality Assurance
  • 24x7 availability of development resources
  • Excellent IT and Telecom infrastructure

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