Consulting Services

Consulting Services

True value from technology requires an in-depth understanding of business strategy.

Today's businesses need partners who can talk about strategy and technology in the same conversation. At Bastul , we believe true value from technology requires an in-depth understanding of business strategy. Our cross-industry consulting services help you craft a vision for your organization and then provide a specific, practical business and technology framework that will make that vision a reality. Our consulting competencies spread across business, process, quality and technology consulting.

Refining Business Strategy

The client is an online financial services company that aggregates capital from small size investments to access large size institutional-quality private investments. The challenge was to build a private equity investment Net capital and generate a significant volume of transactions while adhering to complex and restrictive regulatory requirements and accommodating for multi-national users.

Bastul built the private equity Net Market adhering to complex and restrictive regulatory requirements and accommodating multi-national users. Bastul achieved this through refining business strategy, creating a new Internet-based business model, building the technology backbone for the Net Market and providing thought leadership, business strategy, deep technology, and user experience skills.

VLSI Design

Design Engineering
Rich experience, innovative mindset – driving Chip solutions

Since inception in 2012, increasing demand has ushered significant growth for our VLSI capabilities. 
The team too has flourished with expertise and capability in multiple domains. Today, we are poised 
to be the leading chip solutions provider across verticals – Automotive, Server, Graphics and mobile 
platforms, to name a few. Our design team works cohesively with client’s Embedded, Test, PCB and 
Validation teams to provide relevant, rewarding and complete solutions.

The Process/Technology Nodes:

Design Solutions from Specifications to GDS sign-off, across process nodes from 350nm to most advanced 7nm

Domain experience includes Data Converters, Power Management, High Speed Interfaces – PCIe, DDR, SerDes, SAS/SATA, Ethernet, MIPI, Foundation IPs etc.

Experience in Pre-silicon verification, FPGA prototyping and Emulation

Expertise in Post-silicon validation on Bench Char and ATE

DFT and DFD expertise involves test and debug specific microarchitecture, RTL and DV, pattern generation and post silicon bring-ups

Expertise in low power with the knowledge and experience in power savings and management techniques

Our IC Capability Circuitry
DFT to Analog, we chip into all with dedication

Design Verification
Silicon success thanks to design prowess

Design Verification (DV) clicks when the right methodology is complemented by the right team. 
First tie silicon success isn’t easy but that’s what our DV engineers bring to you. Extensive 
knowledge, experience enables them to comprehend the tasks and execute flawlessly.Kick-starting 
with feature extraction, properties DV project ends with sign-off checklist covering functional 
aspects, codes, performance, and power. System modeling is leveraged in HW/SW co-verification 
with our verification architects expertly handling optimal trade-offs.

Design For Test And Debug
Engineering chip anatomy with testability and debugging

Design For Testing (DFT) and Debugging (DFD) are critical stages in the micro-architectural phase 
of the design. Working in tandem with client’s design team, our experts understand the anatomy of 
the chip and thus helps carve out its DFT and DFD architecture. They leverage the implemented DFT 
architecture incorporating RTL and design verification via the pattern generation phase.

Physical Design
Motivated team, better design capability

Rich and extensive Physical Design (PD) experience has enabled the team to work on multiple successful 
tape-outs. Fully versed in Industry standard EDA tools and well trained to handle low power, high 
performance and area critical designs, the VLSI Physical Design team at Tessolve leads the design excellence.

FPGA Emulation and Post SI Validation
Prototyping across multi platforms – we make it possible

A full-service spectrum covering FPGA Design, FPGA Prototyping and Emulation Flows. Pre-Silicon Validation, 
SW development is done leveraging FPGA Prototyping platforms. Emulations, on the other hand, is used for 
HW/SW verification and full system validation.

Analog & Mixed Signal (AMS) Design
Agile and high quality – analog design creation

Analog and Mixed signal design team at Tessolve specializes in High quality design for different applications 
with process nodes varying from 350nm to most advanced 7nm designs. The IPs were developed for different 
industry verticals like Automotive, Communication, Consumer, Medical, IoT etc. The competent team has rich 
experience of successfully delivering more than 50+ silicon proven analog chips during last few years with 
full ownership of the delivery from Spec to GDSII sign off, supported with silicon validation to global 
semiconductor companies.

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